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      EPSHL 2020-2021 SEASON UPDATE - 12/02/2020

      During the December meeting the EPSHL has determined the league will be moving forward with the season with games slated to begin in January. There will be both Middle School and High School divisions. Club/Team compositions have been determined and rostering is still open for these teams. Registration is still open. If you as a player are participating with your Club and have not yet registered with the league for the season, please complete your registration below. Registration with the league is required for participation. You will need a current valid USA Hockey number to complete this process. 

      Please click on the Registration link that will take you directly to the Registration Information. Please make sure to read all information/documentation as some things have changed due to COVID. We advise all participants that due to COVID and the facility limitations and restrictions mandated for this season the EPSHL will be adopting a zero-tolerance policy regarding conduct. We appreciate your understanding in this regard.
      - EPSHL Board

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      Users can sign up simply by using cell number and valid email address. Create a profile, post video and pictures to share with teammates and friends. Parents and coaches can live stream video from the app for fans and supporters to view when they cant make a game or event.